Great News!

You’re on Your Way to a Faster Sale!

Here’s What to Expect

Most owners wonder what the process looks like after they’ve submitted a cash offer request.

Check it out below!


You’ll Receive an Email

You should already have an email from Melanie, the owner of the company. Go ahead and check your inbox. Please feel free to reply!


We’ll Review Your Info

We use the internet to look up your property address online. We may check for current owner records, property value, and if there are any liens, etc.


You’ll Receive a Call or Text

We aim to contact you within 10 minutes of receiving your request. However, if it’s after business hours we’ll reach out to you tomorrow.

Now You Can Relax Because the Hardest Part is Over!

Requesting a cash offer is often the toughest hurdle in selling your home (besides moving, of course 😉).

Want to see how it works? Our “How It Works” page explains the selling process in more detail and what it could look like for you. When you’re done, you can learn more about Creo Home Buyers or check out our FAQ page to get answers to common questions people have when selling for cash in Maryland, Washington DC, & Virginia.

We’re excited to chat and look forward to giving you the best offer possible!