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Before pursuing real estate full-time, we (Ian and Melanie) shared a passion for working with students in Baltimore City schools. We loved seeing the positive impact we could make. However, the paperwork and other administrative tasks kept growing, taking away precious time from our students and ultimately, our families. We realized it was time to find a career that offered a better balance between making a difference and having time for ourselves.

Witnessing the power of early intervention and the importance of continuous academic, social, and emotional development in students, Ian and I felt a strong desire to contribute more to these areas. Unfortunately, within the school system, our roles didn’t offer the resources (both financial and time-related) to fully pursue these ambitions.

Our local schools urgently need research-based reading programs to assist students who are struggling. Particularly for our students over the age of nine, as it becomes more difficult to learn how to read after that time. Additionally, many families are working just to cover bare minimum living expenses and many more continue to go without gainful employment. This makes it nearly impossible for young adults and their families to pay for college tuition, room and board, or even used textbooks.

Creo Home Buyers‘ expansion goes beyond bricks and mortar. We’re passionate about creating pathways to success for the next generation. We plan to support local students in their academic journeys and equip young adults with the skills and resources they need to secure job training, college degrees, or rewarding employment after earning a high school diploma or GED. Together, we can build a brighter future for our communities.

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