How to Sell a House Off Market in Maryland Without a Real Estate Agent

You typically have two options when it’s time to sell a house in Maryland. You can list your house with a Realtor, which comes with costly commissions, or you can sell your house without a real estate agent. You can even do so off-market!
When you sell a home off-market without a Maryland agent, you are saving thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars avoiding those pesky Realtor fees based on the sale price.
Deciding to sell your house off-market in Maryland without a real estate agent is no easy-task! Though, if you make mistakes when you are ready to sell your home, you could have a hard time getting the price you want on your timeline.
Now that you’ve made the decision to sell your property here are our top three tips on how to sell a home without listing and without hiring a real estate agent.

Tips on How to Sell a House Off Market Without a Real Estate Agent in Maryland

Tip 1: Get Your Maryland House in Order

Appeal to as many prospective buyers as possible by fixing up your property and making cosmetic updates. Make sure you house is spic-n-span and decluttered.
If you don’t have time to complete repairs then consider hiring a handyman or general contractor to complete those. Minor things like a fresh coat of paint, pressure washing your siding, or fixing a leaking toilet can make a positive difference in how much you walk away with after you home sells.
You may consider renting a storage unit to place all of the belongings you wish to take with you after you declutter your home. It’s important to make your off-market house look as appealing as possible for the next homeowner.

Tip 2: Advertise Your House for Sale Off-Market

Once you are ready to bring buyers through your home then it’s time to tell everyone you know that you are selling your house! When selling off-market, you can avoid listing your house on the MLS but you’ll still benefit from letting folks know your house is for sale.
You can post your off-market house for sale on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or even post a “For Sale By Owner” (FSBO) listing on a home selling site like You could try opting for the tried and true marketing method of placing your house for sale in the newspaper or putting up flyers at local businesses in your neighborhood.
You never know who is actively looking to purchase their next house! So get the word out there and see what home buyers you can attract when selling without an agent!

Tip 3: Be Ready to Show Your House in MD

After future off-market buyers learn that your house is available to buy you’ll need to let them tour it. You’ll need to make your home available at all hours during the day and evening, including when you are eating dinner or want to relax after a long day.
This means you’ll need to keep your home in tip-top shape and sparkling clean at all times! That way you don’t miss the opportunity for a buyer to come through and make an off-market offer on your home because your house is a mess.
But… did you know there’s an easier way to sell your house off-market without hiring a real estate agent?

Get Cash for Your MD House Off Market

As you may have discovered, selling a house in Maryland off-market without an agent can be time-consuming and expensive if you have repairs or updates to make. Finding a potential buyer who can look past any issues your house has can be a challenge as well.
If you need or simply want to sell your house without paying fees or agent commissions, then reach out to a Maryland home buyer like us at Creo Home Buyers. We can buy your house without a Realtor AS-IS. This means you can sell your house to us directly without decluttering, cleaning, or paying a single penny to make repairs or cover agent fees.
We offer cash for off-market houses in Catonsville MD and throughout Maryland! We have the ability to close as quickly or slowly as you want! Save tens of thousands of dollars in repairs, bills, agent fees, and skip all the unnecessary waiting and hassle.

Just call our office at (410) 870-9228 and tell us about how quickly you are interested in selling your home off-market without an agent. We’ll give you a fair all-cash offer to buy your Maryland house as quickly as you’d like!

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