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How Do I Sell My House In Maryland Fast For Cash?

It’s as easy as A, B, C!
(Or is it as easy as 1, 2, 3?)
The point is, it’s easy!

Cash For Your House in Maryland? - Here's How!

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Request Your Offer

Tell us the address of the property in Maryland that you want to sell along with the best phone number and email address to reach you by.

Accept Your Offer

We use our offer formula to determine a cash offer for your house. We will provide this offer to you over the phone or after our appointment to view your property. These appointments can be completed in-person or virtually.

Receive Your Cash

We let our local settlement agent know we are buying your house. They order a title search to determine if there are any liens or title issues to resolve before settlement. Once title comes back clean, a closing date is scheduled. On that date, you will receive the cash (typically in the form of a check or bank wire transfer) for your house.

See? Easy as 1, 2, 3!

(Or was it A, B, C? 🙂)

I Just Sold My House!

“I just completed a transaction with Melanie. The process was smooth, seamless. Everything went very well. Not a lot of effort on my part. She was great to work with and I highly recommend her for future sales.”

Brian M. – Sold His House in Baltimore, MD to us at Creo Home Buyers

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Cash for Your MD House? - The Steps

Sell Your House Fast - The Essentials!

Determining the best way to sell your house is no easy task. When you need to sell fast, it can be even harder. By selling your house AS-IS for cash the process is typically much faster compared to traditional methods of selling. Our short house selling guide will walk you through the steps you’ll need to take in order to sell your house for cash to a cash home buyer in Maryland. 


  1. A Phone. And that’s it! No, really, you don’t need anything else but having the next three things will make the home selling process a little easier for you.


  1. Internet Access
  2. Email Address
  3. Computer (or a device that allows you to read and write emails, and read and sign documents needed for selling your house)

What is a Cash Home Buyer?

A cash home buyer is any person, company or entity (usually a real estate investor), capable of buying your house in cash without the need for financial support from banks, lenders or other 3rd party financial institutions. As the purchaser is providing their own money, they are the final decision makers thus eliminating need for approvals or inspections from 3rd party institutions, drastically speeding up the transaction.


Below are 5 easy steps to get your house in MD sold fast!

5 Easy Steps to Get Your House in MD Sold Fast!

1. Find a Cash House Buyer

The most common method for finding cash home buyers is by doing a Google search for: “We Buy Houses [yourCity] [yourState]“, “Sell My House Fast [yourCity] [yourState], or “Cash For My House In [yourCity] [yourState], and choosing the top ranking results underneath the ads. The ad results are from house buying companies that pay to be on top. They are not on top because they are reliable or reputable. (Paid ads are recognized by the letters “Ad” preceding the Google listing).

2. Do Your Due Diligence

Not all cash home buyers are the same. The offer amount and thus the method used to arrive at your offer often differs significantly. For this reason you should go over their website, visit their “How It Works” page, their “About Us” and/or “Our Company” Page, and make sure there are credible reviews from real actual people that sold their house to them. What you are looking for is transparency, a neat, clean and professional polished website, clear explanations, and professionalism. The website is a direct reflection on them and their business. If a business owner doesn’t take pride in their website they don’t take pride in their business and may not be the wisest choice to do business with.

3. Submit Your Information

Once you found a reputable house buyer, it is time to get your cash offer started by submitting your information. The information needed from you is 1) a reliable way to contact you (usually a phone number or email address), 2) the address and 3) some details on the current condition of the house and what repairs it needs, if any.

4. Schedule Your Appointment

Once the information is received, an appointment can be scheduled where you can meet the buyer, and walk through the property together. You can ask them any questions you may have and by the end of the walkthrough your offer is presented and discussed. There should never be any costs associated for these services and the offer is a no obligation to accept offer. Most reputable property buyers understand that this is a critical time in your life and you have a big decision to make so more often than not, they would respect the need to think it over and you should have a cash offer friendly attorney look over the contract.

5. Schedule Your Closing Date. Get Your Cash!

If the offer presented is to your satisfaction, you can set a date for closing. During closing you will get the cash and that’s it. You sold your house for cash to a cash buyer successfully! Usually it is the cash buyer that will pay for all closing costs, making sure the transaction is as attractive as possible for you, the seller.

And That's It!

Sell Your Property in MD Fast for Cash!

Selling your Maryland property for cash is easy!

Become a Happy Maryland Property Seller

Sell Your Property in MD Without Paying Commissions, Closing Costs, Transfer Taxes, Making Repairs, or Cleaning. We buy Houses, Condos, Apartments, Land, even Commercial Properties all over Maryland and Washington D.C., regardless of your reason for selling.

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So You Want to Sell Your MD House Fast?

… But still want a GREAT offer?

“We Buy Houses” companies will often try to give you the lowest possible offer to maximize their profits. This doesn’t make any sense to us. We spend time and effort doing your home analysis so we can get you the best offer for your home in MD. We spend time and money driving to properties all over Maryland. All these services are 100% FREE to you! No one will accept a lowball offer to sell their house and we would have spent so much time, money and effort for nothing.

Selling Your House in Maryland Made Easy

We buy houses, condo’s, townhouses, multi-family and commercial properties in MD in any situation or condition. When you sell your house to us, you don’t need to worry about making repairs, cleaning, or moving anything out. We handle all the paperwork and guide you through the process so you can sell quickly & easily and leave the worries to us!

Selling Your MD House for Cash is Not for Everyone

Most house buying companies can make promises to buy your house fast for cash, but depending on how they have written their contracts, they have nothing to lose by making you promises that they might not be able to keep. If you need to sell your house in Maryland, due to a pending foreclosure, going through divorce, tired of dealing with bad tenants, behind on your taxes, have a house that is beyond repair, or ANY other reason, we can buy it! We offer multiple options so you can sell your house in MD based on your needs!

Creo Home Buyers in MD Offers Sellers Multiple Options

(It’s In Our Best Interest To Give You The Best Possible Offer For Your Home)

Local House Buyers in Maryland

It doesn’t matter if you’re considering selling an inherited a house or if your house requires repairs! We’ll present our fair, no-obligation offer to buy your Maryland property and let you decide if we’re the best fit for you to sell your house in MD fast. If you still have questions about selling your home, give us a call or text at (410) 870-9228! Or send us a message. We look forward to discussing how we can buy your house in Maryland! 🙂

Happy Maryland Sellers

“I needed to sell my house in Baltimore. Agents didn’t put much effort in so it was hard to sell. Melanie and her team are so genuine and hardworking, they provided us with an amazing experience. She says what she means and gave us honest information.”

Eva Juarez


“They were great! – Why? – Because they did what they said they would. Melanie provided complete “consideration” of my needs as the seller. I have already recommended to other interested property owners in the area to give Creo Home Buyers a call!”

Danielle Summers


“I worked with Creo Home Buyers helping a friend sell her house. They are straight shooters. Highly recommend them. We were encouraged to speak to a realtor and have multiple options before making any decisions. They made my friend was  100% comfortable before she moved forward.”

Mark Martinez


Fill Out This Form TODAY To Get Your FREE Cash Offer!

We buy Maryland houses in ANY condition and can close fast! You pay no commissions, no closing costs, and do not have to do any repairs. Fill out the form below to get a free, no obligation offer!

How We Determine a Cash Offer to Buy Your MD House

We make our cash offers based on 4 things:

1. The projected “After Repair Value” (ARV) of the property

The ARV is how much the property will be worth after we finish renovations.  We look at recent nearby home sales of renovated properties similar in age, size and style to yours. In a way that is similar to what a home appraiser may do to evaluate the value of your home.

2. The estimated cost of repairs or renovations (COR)

In order for us to make the home as appealing to a new homeowner as possible, we must renovate it. By completing repairs and renovations to bring it up to current market standards, we are able to maximize the value of the property. What we do is quite similar to what you may have seen on a fix-and-flip show on HGTV, for example. (However, don’t get us started on how they often exaggerate the entire process and over-inflate total profits).


Examples of renovations can include a new roof, siding, opening up the floor plan or knocking a wall down, kitchen and bathroom remodels, electrical and plumbing updates, painting, flooring, etc. We bring the house up to the current conditions expected in the neighborhood for newly renovated homes. For some neighborhoods, homes will require brand new kitchen and bathrooms to be installed and for other neighborhoods an older kitchen and bathroom are acceptable to new buyers so our repair costs may be considerably less.

3. Our selling costs (SC) to sell the property after it has been renovated

When we buy your house in Maryland, you are not charged Realtor commissions or closing costs. After renovations, when we sell the property, we must pay agent commissions, our closing costs, and often have to pay for part or all of the buyers closing costs as well. So, our selling costs are what it will cost us to resell the property after we buy it from you and renovate it. During the renovation and selling process, we also have to pay holding costs such as taxes, builder’s insurance, HOA fees etc. Our selling costs usually come in at around 10-15% of the projected resale price also known as the ARV.

4. Our Minimum Required Profit (MP)

As with any business, we have to make a profit to actually stay in business. We wouldn’t be able to support our families, pay our employees, pay our contractors and buy houses, or support important causes if we didn’t make a profit after renovating and reselling houses. However, we are able to keep our minimum required profit to a minimum so we can afford to pay you more for your house and get more of our offers accepted! Our minimum required profit is different for almost every property and depends greatly on the renovations involved, the timeline to complete those renovations, and the projected desirability of the property after renovations are complete. 


For example, if the project is anticipated to take two to four weeks, our minimum required profit won’t be nearly as much as it would be for a project that is anticipated to take six months or more. The longer the timeline and the more involved the renovations, the greater chance of things not going according to plan, significantly raising our total costs. 


Our Standard Cash Offer Formula for Houses in Maryland:

Your Cash Offer = ARV – COR – SC – Our Minimum Profit

(In need of a quick “ballpark” estimate? Depending on the amount of repairs needed, our cash offers are typically between 35-60% of the ARV) 

For example – Let’s say your home, after it’s all fixed up and remodeled, would be worth $300K. And let’s say it needs about $60,000 in renovations to bring it up to current market standards, our cash offer to you would be calculated like this: $300K x .60 minus $60K in Repairs = $120K Cash Offer.

What if I Need More Money for My House?

We have you covered! If you need more for your house than we can offer in cash AND do not need to sell in a hurry, we can purchase your house on terms. Meaning we can pay a higher price if you are able to take smaller payments over time that add up to a higher purchase price than we would typically be able to pay in one lump sum in cash. Give us a call today to find out more about the alternate purchasing programs that we offer at Creo Home Buyers.