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Melanie hartmann pays cash for houses in any condition

"We Buy Houses" Companies

When looking to sell your house, you may be skeptical of “We Buy Houses” companies. (I mean really, “how do we buy houses for cash?”).

Credibility and reputation are extremely important when it comes to working with a company that can buy your house.

Many sellers appreciate that we are not a huge Maryland house buying company as we are able to provide more tailored offers and experiences to the needs of sellers who come to us.

We are Melanie Hartmann and Ian Armitage, the very people you see on our house buying website.

We would love the opportunity
to answer any questions about our house buying process!

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Just give us a ring at (410) 870-9228 or shoot us an email through the form below. We do our best to respond to messages sent through our form below within 48 hours. *If you need us quicker, make sure to call. As a head’s up, Ryan Levine (below) will often be your first point of contact.

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Ryan levine need to sell your house without making repairs

Ryan Levine

Operations Assistant and Acquisitions Manager. Ryan has been an integral part of Creo Home Buyers since the summer of 2019. He knows the business inside and out and will do his best to give you an offer to buy your house that works for everyone.

– Ryan Levine, House Buying Manager of Creo Home Buyers

Why Wait Months to Sell Your House?

Request an offer from us before committing to a 6 month contract with a real estate agent? We’re committed to providing you a fast & fair offer. Our offers are 100% FREE without any obligation to accept. You have nothing to lose!

Cash Home Buyers in Maryland

While we read your comment or question please feel free to go to our about us section to learn more about our Maryland house buying team. On that page you will also find out why we buy houses in Maryland. We look forward to getting back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to us at (410) 870-9228 if you have any questions about selling your house in Maryland!