Can You Get Your House Back After Foreclosure in Baltimore

Facing the Foreclosure Process in Baltimore Maryland

When you receive a notice from your lender that they plan to foreclose on your property in Baltimore, you may be curious to know if you can get your house back after a foreclosure sale.


After all, you will need somewhere to live regardless of whether the bank decides to file for foreclosure on your house.


Unfortunately, once your lender takes possession of your property through the foreclosure process, it is nearly impossible for you to get your house back.


Read on to learn about the ways you can stay in your home when facing foreclosure in Baltimore.

Quick Overview of the Process of Foreclosure in Baltimore

Once your lender has submitted the application for foreclosure, you are usually required to vacate your property within 45 days.

The homeowner must not be residing in the property at the time the county has said it is legal for your lender to take your property.

If you are still living in the house, your lender will most likely hire an attorney. The mortgage company will typically go through the court system to start the eviction process to have you forcibly removed from the property.

Fortunately, we are local cash home buyers in Baltimore MD helping homeowners in Maryland sell their house quickly with little hassle.

We may even be able to offer you the opportunity to stay in your home after foreclosure in Baltimore!

2 Ways to Keep Your House Out of Foreclosure

Since we know it’s nearly impossible to get your house in Baltimore back after foreclosure, here are your options to stay out of foreclosure:

  1. Pay off your mortgage or modify the loan with your lender. Your lender would prefer to keep you in your house and making payments because foreclosing costs lenders money.

  2. Sell your home fast to pay off your loan and avoid foreclosure. Many people facing foreclosure sell their home in Maryland to avoid negatively impacting their credit long-term.
As long as you are still in your house, it’s not to late to do something to get out of foreclosure.

You Have a Choice When Facing Foreclosure

If you decide you are able and willing to work with your lender as a measure to prevent foreclosure, it is important to contact them as soon as possible to get the process started.

However, if you are unable to pay your mortgage or work out a loan modification with your lender, you may be wondering what house selling options in Baltimore you have.

There’s a little known way to sell your home in Baltimore fast so you can keep it out of the banks hands:

You could try to find a buyer for your house on your own and pay off your mortgage note. A faster and easier option is to find cash house buyers that buys houses as-is for cash, fast.

There are many companies that can save you the time and effort of finding a buyer for your house in Baltimore.

Find a company like Creo Home Buyers in Baltimore to sell your house facing foreclosure, no matter what the condition or what additional problems you may be facing.

How to "Stay in My Home" When Facing Foreclosure

As Baltimore MD home buyers, we offer cash for homes in Baltimore, MD. If you qualify, you may be able to rent the house back to you after we buy it so you wouldn’t have to move.

If you sell your house in Baltimore to us, you won’t have to pay the total purchase price, plus interest, and any allowable costs, to the purchaser who buy houses at foreclosure auctions.


You can reach out to us today to avoid all of those fees and sell your house in Baltimore stress-free!

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