5 Ways to Tell a Great Home Buyer From a Bad One in Maryland

You have a house in Maryland to sell. You find us, local Maryland home buyers, and a few others on the first page of Google but want to know, who are the good buyers and which ones are bad?


You’re in luck, as since you are already online you can find out even more about these companies by researching them on the internet. See what other people’s experiences have been, check if they are active on social media, look at their website, and see if you can find out what type of Maryland properties they buy.

How to Tell a Good Buyer from a Bad Buyer in Maryland

Fast Close

The best home buyers will work with you to close as quickly as possible – sometimes within just a few business days. They’re also usually willing to pay for your property in full with cash, but they may be open to other payment types as well.


If the sale falls through, the buyers may not have ever been pre-approved for their loan, and they may not ever have been able to close on the property. Good buyers usually don’t renegotiate, unless there are other issues or problems that arise. Bad buyers might try to readjust the price, or ask for multiple concessions without justifying their reason.

Many Reviews

A home buyer with many reviews, mostly positive, is great. We all know that sometimes people make mistakes and things happen, so there may be some negative reviews. However, this shouldn’t deter your decision at first. Make sure to read if the home buyer has responded to the reviews.

What did they do if they were in that situation? Do you think that what they did was right? Would you have been okay with the outcome if you had been the seller in that situation? Also, it is not bad to ask others for their opinions. Do your relatives or friends know anything about this potential buyer?

Positive Attitudes

People who are looking to buy a home who are great to work with will have a good attitude, be consistent in following through with what they say they will do, and be supportive throughout the process. In contrast, people who are bad to work with in this context will make appointments and then not show up or not call back when they say they will. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to spend hours getting your house ready for a showing, only to have the person you were supposed to meet never show up?

Seller References

A potential home buyer’s references are key in helping you make a decision about their business. If they have multiple, positive references that you can contact to ask questions, this is a good sign. However, if the home buyer is hesitant to provide references or answer any of your questions, this may be a warning sign that they are not a good choice. Another way to check is to look at their website. Do they have any customer reviews listed?


Do the reviews seem overly specific to certain situations, or are they too good to be true? Do they have an active social media presence or are they rated highly on other websites? What do their comments look like? Are there any public reviews available to read?

Convenient Closing

A good home buyer will agree to a closing date within 2 to 30 days and will provide a deposit. The home buyer will not try to force you out of your home and will keep in contact with the title company. A bad home buyer may try to extend the closing date multiple times or ignore the closing date altogether and may have never submitted their deposit according to the contract.


If the buyer is financing their purchase, there will be few items listed on their commitment letter. Buyers with poor credit history will have multiple issues listed on their commitment, which may raise questions about the source of their funds and a sudden drop in their credit score.

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