5 Reasons to Work with Investors to Sell Your Home in MD

Woman working with an investor to sell her home and signing a sale contract

So it’s come time to sell your house in Maryland. But you’re wondering if you should work with investors or list with an agent to oversee the sale of your home?

In fact, you may have a lot questions about the selling process running through your head…

How much are real estate agent commissions in Maryland?

How long will it take before I get an offer for my house?

How long will it take for someone to buy your home in Baltimore?

Will I have to make repairs for the home buyer before the home sale?

Will I be able to show my house with less than 24 hr notice?

We answer these questions and the top 5 reasons you should consider working with investors instead of a listing agent to sell your house in any city in Maryland, including Baltimore.

1. You Won’t Have to Show Your House to Numerous Buyers

One advantage to selling to an investor is that you won’t have to show your house to numerous buyers.

You only have to show your house once to an investor buyer who will then make you an offer. After an offer has been made and accepted, the buyer’s team will come in to do a final walk-through of the property.

This can save you a lot of time and effort with cleaning your home and keeping it keep. You can also skip the stress of dealing with multiple buyers who may not be serious about purchasing your home.

Selling to an investor can be a quick and easy way to get rid of your property without having to go through the hassle of listing it on the market.

2. Avoid Paying Real Estate Agent Commissions

Another advantage of working with an real estate investor in Maryland is that you won’t pay any commissions or closing costs to Realtors or agents.

When you work with a traditional real estate agent, they will typically charge a commission that is equal to around 3% of the sale price of your home. Additionally, you will also be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent’s commission, which is typically another 3%.

This means that if you sell your home for $200,000, you could end up paying $12,000 in commissions! Additionally, you will also be responsible for paying for things like title insurance, escrow fees, and other closing costs.

When you sell your home directly to a professional house buyer in Baltimore, however, you won’t have to pay any of these fees. This can save you thousands of dollars!

3. Sell Your Home Quickly to a Local Real Estate Investor

When you list your property with a real estate agent, they will input your listing into the MLS. This gives your property more exposure as buyers can search for specific features. However, there is no guarantee on how long it will take to sell or what kind of offers you will receive.

Many real estate investors have a network of other house buyers. If your property does not fit their portfolio, it may fit the portfolio of one of their colleagues. This usually results in a limited amount of time waiting for an offer.

Additionally, if you sell your house in Maryland to buyers who are willing to pay in cash, the process will be quicker than if you go through a traditional sale.

With a traditional sale, the buyer has to get approved for a mortgage, which can take time, and there is also the possibility that they will not be approved.

4. No Repairs Needed to Sell Your Home to an Investor

If you are considering selling your home to an investor, there is no need to make any repairs. This is because investors are usually looking to buy below market value so they can fix the property up and sell it for a profit. 

If you use a real estate agent, the traditional buyer’s agent will likely encourage the buyer to order an inspection of the property. If they find something wrong with your house, they may require you to fix it before the property closes.

Home flippers are typically interested in purchasing homes “as is.” This means that when you want to sell your home you can work directly with a professional home buyer to sell the property without having to spend a penny on repairs.

5. Move on Your Timeline When You Want to Sell to an Investor

When you work with an investor instead of an agent to sell your Baltimore house, you will likely have time after the closing to move out.

When you work with an agent in Baltimore or anywhere in Maryland, you are normally expected to vacate the house on or before the day of closing since the property

Ready to Work With an Investor to Sell Your House in Maryland

If selling your house to an investor in Maryland is something you’re considering, it’s important to know that you can move on your own timeline when you sell your house to us.

You don’t have to wait for the perfect time or worry about when the market is right. You can simply sell when you’re ready and let us take care of the rest.

When you sell to us, you don’t have to worry about cleaning up after before you move out, making any repairs, showing your house, or not knowing when your house will actually sell.

We can buy your Maryland property as-is and can give you time to find your next house!

Want to learn more about why you should work with an investor instead of an agent to sell your Baltimore house? Give us a call today at (410) 870-9228 or send us a message to get your offer!

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