3 Ways to Sell Your House Without a Realtor in Baltimore

Baltimore homeowner researching ways to sell house without realtor in baltimore
You have a few ways to sell your house without a realtor in baltimore md

If you are a homeowner in Baltimore looking to sell your house, there are three ways you can do so without having to pay an agent’s fees or commissions. This could save you a considerable amount of time and money.

Working with a real estate agent in Baltimore MD works great for some properties and not so great for others. Many sellers will have better results when avoiding the MLS, listing agreements, and working with real estate agents in Baltimore.

Some properties in Baltimore are better off being sold without going through the MLS or hiring a real estate agent. For those properties, Baltimore sellers find it easier to sell their home by avoiding real estate agents altogether.

3 Methods of Selling Your House in Baltimore Without a Realtor

1. Sell Your House in Baltimore Yourself via FSBO

A home that is listed for sale by the owner, also known as a FSBO, can take up a lot of time, money, and energy from the person who owns the home. Having to screen phone calls, answer questions from potential buyers, deal with paperwork, and keep the house clean at all times can be more work than what was originally thought.

While you will save money on commissions when you sell your home FSBO in Maryland. However, you will still need to spend money on marketing, cleaning, and showing the property.  Additionally, selling your home takes up a lot of time and energy. Before making the decision to sell your home FSBO, make sure you understand all of the costs involved.

A FSBO listing is not recommended for people who are inexperienced in the real estate industry in Baltimore, MD. Without the proper negotiation skills, market information, and legal knowledge, you may face fines and a long closing process. Selling a home in Baltimore without a real estate agent is a LOT of work, which is why most homeowners hire licensed Baltimore real estate agents to list their home for sale.

2. Sell Your Baltimore House to a Professional Cash Buyer

If you are looking for a fast and fair way to sell your house in Baltimore, working with a professional cash home buyer may be the best choice for you!

When you sell your Baltimore house to professional buyers, like us at Creo Home Buyers, you will not have to waste your time or money finding contractors or looking up DIY renovation videos in order to make repairs to your house before selling and moving on.

You’ll be able to sell and close on your house according to your schedule. And most importantly, you won’t have to wait around in limbo while a buyer is found, we are the buyer!

Of course, not all cash house buyers are alike. Most We Buy Houses in Maryland companies only offer one option for you to sell your home. These companies usually offer cash for your house but have no other selling options to offer.

Companies like Creo Home Buyers in Maryland provides multiple ways for Baltimore homeowners to sell their house. It doesn’t matter whether you owe more than your house is worth, the house you are selling is full of stuff, or you have squatters in your rental property, we’re interested in buying your house in Baltimore (or anywhere in Maryland).

We will sit down with you, review your property, and the numbers for each method of selling. We will help you learn more about exactly what to expect, all without any hassle, or obligation to work together if you don’t like our offer.

We are passionate about finding the best options for Baltimore property owners to sell their unwanted properties!

3. Get Cash for Your House in Baltimore Fast by Selling it via Rent-to-Own

An option that many Baltimore home sellers don’t consider is renting out their property until the tenant is ready to buy it. This type of agreement requires the seller to offer financing for a set period of time, which often comes with benefits for the seller.

If you choose to sell your house through a rent-to-own agreement in Baltimore, the buyer will pay you a deposit upfront, as well as higher-than-average monthly rent payments. In some cases, a portion of the monthly payment will go towards the down payment for the home. All of these terms can be found in the contract.

Please keep in mind that if the renter/buyer does not uphold their end of the agreement, you will still own the property and keep any money that has been paid to you.

Sell Your Baltimore Home Without a Realtor

It’s important to do your research and figure out the best way to sell your house without a Realtor in Baltimore, MD.

If you want to avoid foreclosure, repairs, or property showings, a direct sale to Creo Home Buyers will help. You will be able to save time and money selling, and quickly move on to a new property that makes more sense for your situation.

Have questions about how to sell a house in Baltimore for cash or anywhere in Maryland? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our house buying team! We have all of the information you need to make your house selling process a quick and easy one!

Learn more about how you can sell your house without a Realtor in Baltimore!

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