62. 3 Ways to Tell Real Estate Agents and Investors Apart in Essex MD

We buy houses in Essex MD. If you’re thinking of selling, you’ll likely connect with people who want to help. Some will be agents and some will be investors. As homebuyers in Essex MD, we have 3 ways to tell real estate agents and investors apart in Essex MD and help you understand why you might want to work with one versus the other in this blog post…

Thinking about selling your house in Maryland? You might be approached by a bunch of different real estate professionals who all offer to help you sell your home. Not everyone who offers to help will help in the same way. But you’re not sure if you should hire an agent or sell AS-IS to a flipper.

Here are 3 ways to tell real estate agents and investors apart in Essex MD to help you decide which one to choose when you are needing to sell your house in Maryland.

Ways To Tell Real Estate Agents And Investors Apart In Essex MD

List Versus Buy in Essex

The easiest way to tell agents from investors is to ask what they are going to do with your house – list it or buy it. A real estate agent will list your house on a listing service and they’ll try to find a buyer. They might need to show it to several people in order to find one buyer.

When you work with an investor they aren’t going to list your house – the investor is a buyer and they will buy your house from you directly. (That’s what we do at Creo Home Buyers – we’re buyers and we buy properties in Essex MD. If you want to sell your house, find out how much we can offer).

Timeline To Sell Your Essex Maryland

The next way to tell an agent apart from an investor is to ask about their timeline to buy. An agent won’t know because they have to find the buyer first. In many cases, they might be looking at 3-12 months during which they’ll show the house to multiple potential buyers.

An investor, though, will know exactly how long it will take to buy your house since they’re the ones who will buy it. They will have an exact timeline (which could depend on you and how quickly you want to sell).

Commission Versus No Commission in Maryland

This one is crucial! An agent makes their money when they find a buyer and then you have to pay them a commission on the house (which could be somewhere around 6% of the sale price… or $6,000 on a $100,000 house).

An investor, however, isn’t listing your house so there aren’t any commissions. That’s because an investor will make money by either renting the house to a tenant or fixing up the house and selling it… so they make their money in a different way.

Sell My House In Essex MD

There are other ways to tell an agent or investor apart. The best thing to do is just ask… they’ll tell you!

In reality, selling your house is stressful, especially when you have to sell your house in Essex MD fast. You want to work with individuals who will take you seriously and get the job done! We are here to bring a lot of value (and a little humor) to make the process of selling your home simple (and fun)! We look forward to the opportunity of discussing whether our cash for houses in Essex MD offer is the right fit for you and your situation.

If you’ve read this post and decided to see what an investor can pay for your house, get in touch with us. Click here and enter your info, or pick up the phone and call our team at (410) 870-9228.

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